Poison Ivy


@Lilith Oya


Although this seems like a simple costume visually, it was a nightmare to make. I bought the bodysuit and had to handsew the leaves on, putting enough that you really wouldn't see the suit when it stretched. I really would like to remake the suit and glue down the leaves instead because it didn't turn out as sleak and form fitting as I would have liked. Instead the leaves stuck out in multiple directions. I would also like to make the pants with the stitching down the legs and also make some leaf covered boots. This was all stuff I never got to because both this and the Harley costume took so much work/time. Overall I was really happy with the results anyways and the costumes were really popular. Everyone thought that was my real hair!


@Lilith Oya
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Character Poison Ivy


marissa.perry Do you remember how many leaves you needed for the bodice?