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This was my first really fancy costume, and another one where halfway through I asked myself 'why exactly was I doing this costume again?'. I think I was looking for something that I could go nuts on and make super-fabulously elaborate, and at the time Windy came to mind. I'd planned to do this for more than a year, but wanted to go all-out so it didn't get made until AN'02. The design of Windy is fairly simple (she's pretty much naked, winged and glowy), so I decided to exercise artistic license and elaborate on the design. I'm pretty happy with this costume, although the wig just *barely* fits over all my hair (I learned the hard way that wig heads are smaller than real heads), and after about an hour in the Green Room my head was in extreme pain from the tightness and weight.

I didn't have a sewing machine at the time, so Windy was completely hand-sewn. This is the costume that taught me that beading is addictive. I bought a whole bunch of iridescent white and yellow and pink and pale-blue beads, and just went totally nuts with them. Windy is the result of approximately five months of sewing and beading while listening to Star Trek on TV. Once you start beading, you look at everything and think "Hey, I could put beads on that...". Very dangerous for one's wallet. Unfortunately the beading is too subtle to be seen in most photos or onstage.

Windy was very well received at Anime North. I think the best moment was when I walked on stage and the entire audience gasped. ^_^ I was just happy I didn't trip on the trailing skirts and fall on my face, or have the wig fall apart. It was definitely a learning experience.

I would like to wear Windy again but just haven't had the opportunity. Unfortunately she is not at all suited for hall wear and the wings are fragile.


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saphira you look just precious ! ^^

Sutie Wow! Your concept of Windy is awesome! I love how you made her look realistic yet still the same character.