Claire Redfield

Resident Evil Code: Veronica



Claire is my favorite video game character, and I wanted to do all of her outfits. ^^ (At the time) this is one costume I hadn't seen a lot of (now it's everywhere x.x)

My newest version was made by the lovely Ammie :)


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Character Claire Redfield
Variant Battle Mode Outfit


Shadow Zasha AAWWWWW! Now I have to go re-buy Code Veronica and finish it! Great costume, you definitely pull it off! Btw, did the controls seem hard to you? You know, the "No matter which way the camera faces, up is always forwards?" CV is my first ResE game, so I'm still working out the controls...

Angeal you look awesome very nice work

CG_Cosplayer This is an amazing cosplay! I proudly cosplay Steve, by the way. No one really loves him. xD If you go to AX, maybe I'll see you in all your RE awesomeness! :D

Perrydotto This looks really cool! I like it!

balisong-cabbie Wow you did a great job on battle mode outfit.... keep up the good work!

BlitzFox You look amazing! Love it! ;D

Ivan King™ AWESOME!!!