KShinju88 as China / Wang Yao

China / Wang Yao

Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Modern Winter" outfit

Cosplayer: KShinju88
Heh~ What a coincidence! I started off 2009 cosplaying a character from Hetalia, and now I'm ending the same year cosplaying ANOTHER character from Hetalia! I swear this wasn't planned.....XDDDD

I've actually grown fond of China. He's just so cute! There's no doubt I'll be cosplaying this guy in the future. ....In other (more traditional or recognizable) outfits, of course~ This particular one I put together is once again from my closet. Not a bad starting point, but it would have been neat if I first dressed up in China's military uniform. ......Meh. You'll see it in the future. ;)