Blood Angel




Modified my Firebat costume and turning it into a Blood Angel marine, complete with plasma pistol, flag, helmet, and backpack!


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Warhammer
Character Blood Angel


GeistReiter Very nice. Try getting some armored pants as well. Alternatively you could get some different clothes and use the pauldrons to be a Scout.

el_gringo_dado I can't see whole costume of yours, but honestly - backpack looks very impressive. Our armors are quite light because we used a fiberglass. Wooden frame yest, but not wires. Fiberglass net. It makes whole process much easier and faster, yet more expensive. But they can handle multiple hits by training sword and shooting in close distance from ASG weapon. I shouldn't do it because I promised, but between me and you. We have a new method of building armors, faster, simpler, lighter, cheaper and more detailed. It's paper with fiberglass. Check the Pepakura at google ;)