My friends and I decided to make the Noah Circus Arc group for a competition, and I got nominated to do Beast. I think it was the cleavage that did it. I initially agreed toi do Beast because someone described her outfit to me as a 'cute, frilly lolita-style' one.

Boy, was I suckered into it. I don't know exactly WHICH part of this scary dominatrix-style costume is frilly, or lolita-ish. xD'

My favorite aspect is efinitely the bustier-style corset, although the boning I used wasn't the best, but it was made as a bit of a rush-job so I can always replace it later. Also, I liked how the white leg-garter bits came out, too.

My least favorite aspect... The gloves! AAAGH! I had to hand-make them because I couldn't source any gloves long enough. Also, I didn't have time to sew actual loops for my belts to hold onto the stockings with, so I had to clip them onto the lace. Must fix!

Do you know how DIFFICULT it is finding a RED chrysanthemum?! But my pride for detail wouldn't let me just buy a rose. Ah... I'm so lame. |D


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