Selphie Tilmitt (Kingdom Hearts II)

Kingdom Hearts II

So, I ADORE Selphie. And I adore big feet! So OF COURSE, this had to happen. We had a group planned with Kairi, Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus, but the Wakka and Kairi couldn't make it. It will happen at some point, though! Skirt and tie belong to Pocky Fairy.

I am so happy and proud of my shoes. I went through heck and back to figure out how to make them not look so plush, but in the end, I'm in love with them. =]
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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Selphie Tilmitt (Kingdom Hearts II)

[email protected] Amazing, you look stunning as Selphie

kittyziggy i love selph!!!

prince_izumi gotta tell me how u did the hair its a epic win

Moonfish aww i really like your cos x3 it loosk so great!