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Going to customize it a bit more because I think it would be more fun. I have the costume down just need to finish up with the props.

I think I'm gonna add a layer of fishnet under the top. Not sure about for leggings yet might just stick with knee high socks that seem fine.

The bow and arrows will be real. The bow is a new toy of mine that I will use for target shooting when not at a convention. Its a horsebow based on a Mongolian design.

The arrows unfortunatly I can only have the tips for pictures at conventions that allow it. Till then just gonna leave the tips off and hope they won't stop me since they are pretty harmless without them. >>;

The bonus feature that I think I'll really enjoy is I'm gonna place some war paint on me. Gonna work out some colors this weekend and hopefully find something that I like.


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Character Sniper


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