Arwen Evenstar

The Lord of the Rings



Never worn at any convention, I made this cloak for Halloween since our school's Tolkien Society wanted to dress up, and the LOTR movies were all the rage.

The fabric was expensive, especially for a one-day outfit. But it was worth it, I think, since we really made an impression on the school. In some shots it looks quite blue, but in person it's a dark purple quite similar to the movie fabric.

I'm quite pleased with the butterfly broach, which was constructed out of Fimo at a time when there were no good photos of it; looking at detailed photos of it today, I didn't do too badly with the resources available.

(I never made the dress, by the way-- too much work for one little day-- it was just some velvet like dress lying around that I hoped would do. x_x; )

Worn for Halloween 2003.


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Character Arwen Evenstar


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