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I've sewn before, but I've never really done any serious cosplay. I have had the interest though, so when a friend online said they were forming a princess group for Anime Detour, I plotted out a chance to get out to Minnesota from California over spring break. I chose Venus; I thought I could pull her off the best of the ones left on the list (plus the added benefit of NO WIG).

I made most of the costume last Christmas ('05). I went through my mom's patterns and found a few that I could tear apart and put together to match the dress. I chose to go with a more golden take on Venus's dress rather than yellow. The ribbons are my pride and joy--I made TWO 10-foot ribbons 1/2" wide out of the same fabric. Took several hours of pulling through while hanging out with friends. Made the inch-wide choker a walk in the park. ^^;

It's not perfect by any means--I really wish I'd done better on the hem, and the fit wasn't quite planned out was well as it should have been. But for my first cosplay, I'm quite happy with it.

EDIT: I've decided I'm going to REALLY finish this thing. I want to get all the accessories (shoes, necklace, forehead sign, earrings) done, plus I want to modify the choker to include the long end tails. I'm still losing weight too, so by the time I pull it out again, it should fit perfectly. And my hair should be a little closer to Minako-length.

Mostly want to finish it for the practice for the costumes I'm going perfectionistic on that are on the definite "will do" list--my Sailor Pluto obsession.

It's gonna be interesting...gonna rip the thing apart, line it fully, change the zipper to a side one, modify the top so it has the accurate open back (and experiment with sewing an underwire bra in, cause there's NO way I'm going without) It's my experimentation dress! ^.^


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