Captain Albert Wesker

Resident Evil



Character reference:

My friend is really into Resident Evil and organized a group out of us.

I got Albert Wesker.

I've decided to call this costume complete, despite the vest not being correct, as well as the lack of the suspenders, including all the hardware that goes on it, and the earpiece being a bit different. This usually winds up being my casual costume for either the first or the last day of the convention, and for that, it's complete enough.



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Series Resident Evil
Character Captain Albert Wesker


Albert-WeskerGR Very nice presentation buddy.Your costume is the most believable to Wesker's. ;-)

mrbob0822 I'm an OOC whore when it comes to costumes. Thanks again.

Ahiru-chan Almost every picture makes me laugh because it's so delightfully ooc :D Very cute :3

Perrydotto Great costume and great photos! Thumbs up!

mrbob0822 @DarkRaven: Yeah, I've dug into the series a little bit. I played a bit of the remake of the first one and watched my roommate(Barry) play the Director's Cut so I finally know what happens to Wesker. I've also seen him play through 2. We're going to Ikatsucon in Fort Wayne this August as a bigger RE group with Ada and Leon as well. Still can't seem to find a Chris, but perhaps that's more accurate to how 1 anyway. Still think I'm going to do the red LED thing. If nothing else, if it's not working, I can take it off, right? I'm psyched about making the T-Virus too, even though THAT'S not in 1 either. I got one of these:, which I have to cap the other end of, and I'll probably wind up heating up some surgical tubing, coiling it properly, and filling it with green or blue Kool-aid. Should look pretty cool. @Ms.chif: I was at ACen. I was Snake on Friday, though, and we did the Resi Evil group on Sunday since it meshed with everyone's schedules. If I'd've been Wesker on Friday, I would've had a beard, since I needed it for Snake. You can understand why that would've been weird. On top of that, that was my first day of any anime con. I didn't even know they HAD a Resident Evil shoot until I started browsing photos. Perhaps next year or another Con. @Wesker30: Thanks! I'm flattered you think so. I didn't even have the right glasses on, nor did I get the blonde hair dye, so it'll be even better for the next Con. As I said to DarkRaven, I'm still probably going to do the red LED thing. It works and looks pretty awesome, but if it's too strange at the next Con, I can always take it off. Wesker's definitely my favorite costume next to Snake. @SuWan: Thanks! I'm pleased you think so. :3

SuWan I must do make a very interesting and awesome Wesker X3

Wesker30 Mmm, that is one of the best i've see, this wesker is my next project, and weskers eyes werent seen till glow untill after 1, you see them glow in umbrella chronicles, but thats cos you play as him in rezi 1 as he comes back to life, and yes, Rezi is one of the best franchises out there, if you don't belive me, check out our site lol.

Ms.chif Were you at Acen???? If you were..............WHY IN HELL DIDN'T YOU GO TO THE RE SHOOT ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! YOUR COSTUME IS AMAZING!!!*sighs

DarkRaven This Wesker costume makes you look pretty badass! Wesker's eyes only glow later on in the series, so you don't need to have the LED lights if you don't want to...although it would be an awesome touch. You should really give the RE series a try; one of the best video game series IMO