Princess Ai



Tess was my very first costume and she is just so cool... Princess Ai series really have a lot awesome outfits, but I really loved the story and charecters too...

At first, I almost decided to cosplay Nora... He was adorable too with his beautifull wings, but I think that Tess` charecter fits better with my own personality ^^; maybe next time...

Her wings... they were SO painful to make... even physically... I was really bleeding, when I made them &gt;< But still, I am so freaking proud of myself, that I made those wings, because, nobody else Tess cosplayer haven`t made them xD

I also went to my second cosplay contest as Tess... Didn`t won anyrhing, But it was so awesome! I`m definetly going to continue as a cosplayer and make more awesome outfits by charecters, I like ^^


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Series Princess Ai
Character Tess


EnigmaSphinx So awesome. I never thought I'd see a Princess Ai cosplay. You're great!

Princess Ai^^ It's beautiful! It's one of my favorite characters!)

Kohaku^^ Beautiful ^^

akiramiku01 wow cute *o*

Geni This is great 8D Tess is so cool <3