The Little Mermaid



I've been planning this costume for a long time now. I have discovered a new love for Ariel and can't wait to be her lol

This will be my first costume that I will make completely on my own. It's exciting :)

So far I just have the material for the fluke part of the tail, my wig, and one shell for the bra. (only found one of the right size haha now i have to search Walmart's across the land for another) I actually think this is going to be a really great costume!!

I now have all my material and just need to get sewing. I'm also going a different route with the top. I got plastic shells and painted them (I gave up trying to find a matching real shell... plus it would have been REALLY heavy.) and I got a purple swimsuit top to put them on.

UPDATE 8/10/09- It's finished!!! The pictures of it all together don't include the starfish I put in the wig. It broke right before the pictures and I didn't have the patience to fix it. - it's fixed now!


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Series The Little Mermaid
Character Ariel


SnowBelle Thank you both!!

YuriHappiny awesome, i looooove the tail! XD

EternalSuccubus WOW O.O Your costume is perfect!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, very cool!!!