Evil Queen

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs



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So this was my first cosplay ever.

Unfortunately as you can see, I clearly didn’t make it, as I originally got this for Halloween before I had ever heard of cosplay. But I knew without a doubt I wanted to cosplay at my first convention so I went with her. Despite all that, she still remains my most popular costume so far. I do plan on making a better version but until I can, this will do. She's not going anywhere. :D

More photos can be found in the gallery album. :)


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Series Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Character Evil Queen


Pasohoss07 You will always be the best Evil Queen out there! I'm so looking forward to your own version of her when you get around to making her! :D

DemonBarberST Pretty sure I sure you at the D23 Expo this last weekend. Awesome Evil Queen -- well done!

carladawn Best Queen ever!

Gummibar You're Evil Queen is rocking. I love the detailing on the costume. Keep it up!. <3

Kebbe Amazing!

Kerodohi You ARE the Queen. Seriously. You've got her poses and mannerisms down PERFECT ^-^

Charlotte00 absolutely amazing!!! You make a fantastic queen!

MDA Just the fact that you have the Evil Queen from Snow White as a cosplay makes you instantly awesome in my book.

p1ng666 well done! i love the neck peice and mask thingie