Final Fantasy XII



This costume is another dream come true. I loved (and still love) playing FF XII, I adore Fran, and her look rocks. There's so many challenges in this one costume - wig, armor, leatherwork, extensive tailoring and fitting, bodypaint, and sooo many tiny little details that made me run out of time prior to the con so I couldn't even finish all of it.

I've worn a slightly improved version of this costume at Leipzig Bookfair 2008 (again, with lovely sakura_b as Mjrn), but I'm planning on doing a few more detailing fixes for another convention maybe in 2009 - I just can't stop loving Fran! *lol*

The bow I made is the Sagittarius, Fran's ultimate weapon in the game (or rather, the ultimate weapon in the "bow" category.) I hated carrying it around at the con, so I don't have a lot of photos of it on ccom. For more convention photos, see my gallery at animexx:

Cost: EUR 170 / USD 230


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Fran


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