The kimono is from the Casa Collection of fabrics, crepe, I believe. It is lined with...I can't remember now...something heavier than broadcloth but not really that rough of a fabric. The sleeveless turtleneck and armsleeves are made out of basic knit. The jeans are from the thrift store and the tabi are from the Asian store. The wig was styled with hairspray and just some comfort cutting to the bangs so they weren't jabbing me in the eyes. The sutra was silk and either green sateen or egyptian cotton. I used three different greens for the characters. I used the Chinese text of the Heart Sutra and hand embroidered the calligraphy.

I am very proud of this costume as it turned out exceedingly well. :D

The only thing it is missing is the breastplate, which I decided not to do in order to save money, since I was going to be moving out of the country, and also to save time, for the same reason. I am leaving this at 90% because I'd like to make the breastplate one day, hopefully before the '08 con. ~_^ Definite plans to wear Sanzo then, as well.


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