Nanami (v2.0)

Suikoden II



I've always wanted to remake Nanami because I love the game and character so much. Overall I am happy with how the new version came out. It was made with improved skills.

Wig - A short brown bob that I bought off Ebay.

Headband - Spare fabric from the tunic that was twisted and glued onto a headband. It's hard to see from under the wig, but its got loose ends that are tied together.

Tunic - It was a tricky thing to pattern out, but I knew what I did wrong last time so it was a bit easier. Pink and white quilting cotton were used for the base, cream cotton was used for the sleeves, and some random bits of brown canvas for the sides.

Sash - Double layer of broadcloth sewn as a really wide tube. It's twisted and tied together when worn, with a small bit of fabric tied on top of the knot to keep it still. (I'm surprised it actually works quite well!)

Gloves - Traced hands onto cream coloured jersey knit and sewed them together.

Pants - Standard hammer pant made in quilting cotton.

Extra Notes - I really would have prefered NOT to use quilting cotton at all on this outfit, but I was the only fabric that had the colours I wanted. I will probably made a 3rd version of this costume someday. XD


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Series Suikoden II
Character Nanami (v2.0)


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