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Was looking at and getting overwhelmed by some of my other costumes, so I decided to do something 'simple'. It actually started to feel like I was being pushed to do this since I rapidly found: beige shoes to dye red; black thigh high stockings; then a skirt pattern that I only had to shorten to get the right look. The entire outfit is made out of broadcloth and the PET is a repainted blue one. Shoes were dyed with leather dye and the wig went from hideous barbie pink to the darker shade thanks to Sharpie dye spray. Unfortunately it rubs off on everything, including my neck and outfit. Washes out with soap and water thank heaven. Still not sure if I did her sleeves correctly, but they look good in pics and I don't have to fuss with them at all. Wig was carefully cut and styled with hair glue since hair spray again, made the colour run. Her two barrettes were made out of cardboard, papermache then bondo that was then sanded smooth. Got a couple of coats of the same spray paint I used on the PET then detailed by hand.
The judges at Ai-kon were impressed by the dye jobs, me actually bringing reference pics and the sole use of broadcloth. Didn't win anything and sadly got more attention in my Lolita dress at the con. Need a more recognizable character.


@Psycho Sukafu
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Nikslg I wish i can do pet recolor like you :P I wanna fireman.exe pet ^^