Hirasawa Yui


@*mik0 muffin !


I admit, I love Mio the best. But I chose Yui instead because: a) Mio is really popular and seemingly cosplayed a lot more than the other girls; b) I don't wanna spend money on a Mio wig; and c) I already have a wig sitting around that is perfect for Yui...and only cost me $6 xD. So there we have it!

And ED version, because it's SO cute. All the girls' outfits are =].

THANK YOU to Einobaka for saving my hairpiece xD...

Icon photo credit to TheBigTog.


@*mik0 muffin !
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Last Updated 9 years ago
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Series K-On!
Character Hirasawa Yui
Variant "Don't Say Lazy" ED Version


Hiromi_Chan ah! you make such a great yui :D

ToroSonyCat love your yui cosplay!! the pictures are so cool too!

*mik0 muffin ! Hi, I remember you guys! ^.^ And ahh that would've been SO cool =] Yes I play guitar, but still noobish, only been a few months kehe.

Diyomaro This is very good! I saw you at Anime festival, where you took a pic with a Mio(I was the guy that was bugging my friend over not borrowing my bass guitar(which is a fender P-bass knock off, AND left handed) I'm curious, do you actually play guitar?