Ringo Noyamano

Air Gear



【"Ikki and I are almost like siblings. So I don't really care at all..."】

Finally I finished my Ringo cosplay, which was hard work, even if it not looks like that. ^^'
I made the skirt twice, because my first skirt was a big FAIL! The second one is not perfect at all, but better than the first one.

I realle like the shirt with the sailor neck. <3 And the wig and the glasses. Being Ringo is fun, but I'm not very good on skates. (I have to practice! &gt;__<)
But Ringo is such a cute character and my favorite from Air Gear.

Maybe I wear this cosplay on a conventions... someday. I think it is not good enough for it. But I like it in some way.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Air Gear
Character Ringo Noyamano
Variant Schooluniform


Sheik Chan Aww, cute! You did a good job :O

kyo s kennedy Nice n_n

hoshi&lt;3 how can you think this isn't good enough for a con? PERFECT costume in my opinion ^_^