Howl's Moving Castle

Holy Crap!!! I was surprised how popular this costume was. I was swamped with comments and pictures request Sunday at Comic Con. I couldn't walk down the hall without getting tons of shout outs and pictures. The best part was when the little kids would get the picture WITH me. so cute!
ANYWAYS, costume details:
Dress- was actually an old one of my grandmother's I believe. the only problem was it was a bit sheer so I had to wear another layer of clothing underneath it.
Hat: the straw hat was bought at the salvation army, and I attached the ribbon myself. Not being able to find good grape looking things to attach to the hat, I used 3 green beads on two sides instead.
Boots: I chose to use an old pair of black boots I had instead of brown ones, they better suited the dress. Made it look more old-fashioned.
Prince Turnip: He was my main attention getter, seeing as Sophie's outfit is sort of plain. so once they see him it's like "OMFG TURNIP AND SOPHIE!!! PIX PLEASEZZZZ!!"
Made out of two wood poles, Clothes I bought from Amvets, a Hat I bought from party city, a styrofoam ball covered in a bandanna which I painted to make the head and face.
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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Sophie
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