Mononoke (TV series)



I've been working on this costume, on and off, since 2009. All of the added colour to the sleeves, obi, and kimono are applique. All of the stitching between the colours on the sleeves are satin stitching. The blue neck band was sewn on by hand.

The wig is an Epic Cosplay Eros in caramel blonde that was cut and styled by myself.


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Series Mononoke (TV series)
Character Kusuriuri


Prota-Girl AHHHH!!! @[email protected] You're perfect!!!! Beautifully done!!!

Ion Beautiful work on not only the costume [all the clean lines etc] but also the smaller details like makeup and wig styling! Congrats on the 1st place, you earned it.

Elycium The white wraps are medical wraps, and they stay up on their own for the most part. I used a few pieces of tape at the top, but that's it!

MelColley How did you do the white wrap-like things on your legs? Are they a solid piece or one piece that's actually wrapped around your leg? And how do they stay up so well? I'm very impressed by this costume!