Oerba Dia Vanille

Final Fantasy XIII



this costume is being remade :)


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Created 8 years ago
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Oerba dia Vanille


Gummibar KageArashi You can read the descriptions once I finish it. :) It's a long and heartbreaking story for the first one, so hopefully the new one will be less painful. *lol*

KageArashi Amazing! How did you make it?

Narnian Fantastic Vanille! I love the staff too!

Cheyenne Rayne This is still the best Vanille I've seen, i love it, it's been saved in my favorites ^_^ I wanna do Vanille someday

Akitaneru Thank you very much! I love your Vanille too! :]

Starlit Rose Very lovely costume! I agree with Anwyn - I don't know how you budget your costumes so well. Very impressive work, especially with such a low budget! You are great as Vanille!

anwyn_crescent I'm really impressed with how much you managed to do with $20. After seeing what you've done here, I'd have to say that nobody can use restricted budget as an excuse again. I'll definitely be bookmarking your profile to keep track of your future work.

Enne_Groves It was awesome meeting you as well, however brief it may have been lol. Thank you so much! I hope to see you again as well!

Enne_Groves Excellent! Best I've seen yet for this character! You are very beautiful and pull of this costume well. Obviously you are very talented and creative judging by how good it looks.

RydiaValentine I don't remember if I commented in the images, but I say I like your Vanille! The skirt is awesome, I'm a disaster with gradients xD.

Kamioftime You make an amazing Vanille <3

Junnie Why, when I see your profile picture I thought I was looking at FF XIII's CG! *W* Beautiful cosplay, I got to say, the details are amazing & your smile resemble hers alot ^O^

Avatar Alvaang I was shocked to see the quality of your costume for such a low budget! Awesome vanille!!

Ammie You make such a wonderful Vanille!!!!! I love all the detailing on your outfit!!! Excellent job!!!

Lycorisa Your vanille is very beautiful and very well made! Excellent job^^ The photos are amazing, too!!