Princess Sakura

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Because the Land of Clow is a desert country, I figured that muslin would be a commonly worn material, due to how light it is and how easily it breathes. So, I made the two layers of the skirt as well as the veil from muslin, and used cotton for the sleeves and top.

Because the stores no longer stock the gold coins I used for my previous Sakura outfit, this time, I cut out each coin from craft foam individually, and painted them gold, and then sewed them on (with the help of a friend, as a trade for helping her with her costume). The littler coins were taken from a trim you can buy at the fabric store, though I later found the better trim that actually uses smaller versions of those little gold coins I used before. x.x

I stenciled out the squares all over the outfit with tape, and also got the help of another friend (in another costume helping trade), and painted them all myself. I also painted the shoes, mostly freehand, and styled the wig.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Princess Sakura
Variant Artbook Illustration


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