Alice Kingsleigh

Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)



I don't have photos of the costume yet, since I used it for the movie and later for a cosplay birthday. I hope I can do a photoshoot soon.

Photos taken in my grandma's house in 2019.

Exact cost: 66.06 euros.

Making of process:

I've always loved Alice in Wonderland, and the character in all her variants (videogames and movies in special). Even in this movie. It was lovely, magical and Butoneish. I specially like the ending. It teaches something to everyone: chase your dreams no matter what. Don't let your family use you as their puppet.

I did this for the opening movie in Spain, at 16 April, but the costume from the movie was a bit different from the one of the trailer. It had lines in dark blue and black, but mine didn't, like the one in the trailer. So I had to fix that before taking pictures. Then I wear it for a Cosplay Birthday that one of my friends arranged.

I also had to fix the wig. It had too much hair in the top part. And I did the curls again, with curlers, hairgrips and spray.

I cut two pieces of a rectangular blue fabric (mixing of tergal, satin and gabardine) to make the main piece of the dress, and another two rectangles for the lower part of the dress of satin fabric, with the shiny side inside. I sewn all together and I used iridiscent blue gauze for the flounce in the top part of the dress. I bought a pair of white sandals and loads meters of ribbons. Sixteen metres of black on the cross ribbon, 11 meters of black ribbon (number 2), 4 meters of baby blue satin ribbon (number 2), 3 meters of baby blue satin ribbon (number 2) and 6 meters of baby blue ribbon (number 3). I also used 20 meters of dark blue satin ribbon (number 2) and 10 meters of black leather cord to make the design of the fabric in different shades of blue and black.

The last thing I did was the belt. I had to cut two semi-circular pieces of the satin fabric (with the shiny side inside again) and I sewn two long pieces of straps of the gabardine-satin-tergal fabric to them. I had to sewn the belt in the front part because it should be up from my right side, so it could maintain its shape while wearing the dress. But it took some time to put in correctly.


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Series Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
Character Alice Kingsleigh
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