Left 4 Dead



I'm a huge Left4Dead fan. When I found out that my friends were pulling together a Left4Dead/2 group for Otakon 2010, I couldn't resist joining them as Zoey. Always wondered what I'd look like as a brunette... XD

Splattering/slashing up the jeans and shoes was a lot of fun. I bought the jacket (but didn't mess it up because I like wearing it regularly) and hand embroidered the logo onto it. I made the incendiary ammo case from an old .50 cal ammo carrier, cleaned up a pills label from an in-game screen shot, and made a pipe bomb shell from random pieces I found in our garage. I used a temporary brush-in hair dye to tint my hair dark brown. A bit messy but it worked well. =)


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Series Left 4 Dead
Character Zoey


Zoey Cobain I'm Satisfied....Brilliant Work!