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I really love this costume, I keep finding myself making FFX costumes, because of all the detail and the color of the designs.

I started this costume back in 2003, taking time each day to work on hand embroidering the obi. I don't know how many hours went into it, but each tri-colored purple flower took nearly 45 minutes to complete.

My staff is made almost entirely out of paper mache, and I made it in a crafts class at school. I got an 'A'.

Many elements of this costume went through various forms of remakes; the earring was done three times, the skirt twice, the chord and beads at the top of the sleeves, switched out three times, bracelets remade twice. The final two changes/improvements were done just last year - I put plastic canvas inside the obi to prevent droopyness and purchased a suitable wig.

Yuna's been around for a while, worn to three different cons, a photoshoot, and was a part of my high school senior project.

However I don't plan on retiring her just yet, at least not until I find a suitable Tidus.


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