Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata



I made this for a Magna Carta Group for the cosplay competition at Wellington Armageddon 2010. Unfortunately half the group pulled out so we couldn't do our skit, but it was still really fun!

I added wefts to the wig to make it longer at the back and added the ponytail.

The top is completely lined, and the two curving zips that go up the back are fully functional (which helps because unfortunately I couldn't find an open ended zip in the right length for the front!). The black sleeves are a pvc crop top type thing I made, and painted with fabric paint (although when it rained it started to come off).

I love the pants, although they are merely safety pinned to the top (was the easiest way with the holes in the side). The orange bits are elasticated leg warmers, and to create the geometric pattern I used bias tape.

The dangly triangles are made from shapes and strips of craft foam, which I sealed and painted the right colour.

I cut up a pair of wedge shoes and added the straps and painted them.

My dad cut the wooden sword for me and connected it to the hilt, and I decorated it with painted craft foam.


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Series Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata
Character Calintz


Zhenya Wow, great costume! You make such a good Calintz!