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Final Fantasy XIII

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First things first, this costume is far from being done. Despite having planned it months and months before AFO, I still didn't work soon enough or as fast as I should have so it all really came down to the wire.

Things that I plan on fixing include making the collar shorter and stiff enough to stand up, making gloves from scratch, remaking the blue bag, finish the design on the scarf and finishing the shoes. Also I will have his boomerang one day. There are many other small details that are just waiting to be fixed and they will be.

Even though this cosplay doesn't make me really happy yet, I am satisfied with it for now and I really REALLY enjoyed cosplaying someone from Final Fantasy. After doing cosplays from so many cute, girly series, this was a nice change. I still felt cute and adorable...but also tough in a way. ^^;

Either way, this was rushed at the last minute and there's a lot that needs to be fixed, and it hopefully will be for EXPcon. I also sewed a Maqui costume for my (now ex-)boyfriend who cosplayed with me and our Lightning.

Some day and hopefully someday SOON, I will be very very proud of this costume. After maybe a trim of the wig, some major fixing up of the costume, and the construction of his weapon hopefully this cosplay will be something spectacular.

EDIT: I've now finished the shoes, straps and all! Aside from a few touch ups with the paint, they are DONE. I've almost got all of the symbol painted onto the scarf and I remade his bag, and I'm rather pleased with it. Plus I gave the wig a trim and restyled it.

The collar is fixed, and I'm actually not worried about remaking the gloves, I think they're fine as is. So unless perfection DOES get at me one day, I'll just stick with the ones I have.

I'm so happy to have gotten stuff fixed up and done on this!


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