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I've been wanting to re-make Meg since I made my first version of her. Unfortunately for me, I feel that my first version came out better than this one did. Oh well! Meg is definitely one of those characters I can see myself remaking until I'm really happy with how she looks.

I say "100%" since I wore her out to a con, and sometimes, covered is the best one can do when in the last week before a con ^^; There are tweaks (and that beltpouch thing) that I'd like to add to make her actually complete (and she's in need of repair...) but that will come with time.

I made this outfit mostly the same way I made my last one: the top is a bra with fabric stitched on. The shirt part is lined, which makes for easier washing. The skirt is two panels of material, but they are somewhat cinched at the top with the two sides overlapping for a better fit.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!


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