Cherry Blossom Kimono


@Lilith Oya
After I-Con and Otakon of 2008 I was way too burnt out to make something for Halloween so I bought this gorgeous furisode kimono and all the accessories to go with it. I was looking to do something a little creative with it and be a kitsune spirit, but didn't go as far as I planned. I was too lazy to make 9 tails, so I made only one, too lazy to make ears, and the attempt at making a make just totally failed, so I resorted to making up my face a bit.
@Lilith Oya
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Character Cherry Blossom Kimono

Sui Kune Wow, this furisode is breathtaking! I really love the obi, obijime, and obiage coordination too! I hope you return to this project eventually! I bet it would look even more stunning with the full nine tails and the ears.