Kingdom Hearts II



Another Kairi cosplay yay! X3 This cosplay wasn't as problematic as the pink dress, but it still took a while o.o I just needed to buy a nice white shirt, and cut and roll the sleeves so that was easy ^^ For the skirt and tie I bought plain white fabric, and with the help of my sister Anne, dyed it blue. My mom then made up a pattern for the skirt and the tie and did almost all the sewing (I helped a little, but it was mostly her!) So thank you so much to my mom and sister! <3 I could not have done it without them! This was all just days before AX though so I ended up finishing the rest at my friends Amanda's (Kunoichi Shea) house. The plaid on the tie and skirt is all hand painted by me and took several hours x.x Just ask Amanda if you don't believe me XD I was staying up really late the night before AX trying to finish ^^;; And I didn't even finish the skirt, but luckily no one noticed because of my shirt lol. I was surprised that several people asked for my picture, so that made me very happy ^.^ I ended up finishing the skirt after AX at Amanda's. That's when we had tons more cosplay fun &gt;w< I was Schoolgirl Kairi and she was Schoolboy Riku :3 Hopefully next year we'll have Schoolboy Sora with us! ^w^


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Kairi
Variant Schoolgirl Outfit


HolyAMVBoy Awesome i think i have never seen a school girl kairi before. Not only is this cosplay good the pictures are amazing. i can see kairi doing this in real life. hanging out by her pool with her dog 2 thumbs up ^_^