Nymphadora Tonks

Harry Potter Series

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tonks. This started out as a 5 minute cosplay- I made a really distarous Lily Evans cosplay for the HP7 release party, and had gone to see HP5 a few hours before and while watching it went "WHY DIDN'T I DO TONKS? I -HAVE- A BUTCHERED PINK WIG SITTING AROUND MY ROOM!" Ah. Well. Too late. It was grabbed as an extra thought, really. Just grabbed my killed Sakura wig, pull together an insane outfit from my Wardrobe of Doom, and see what happens. So, my friend Lauren's mom puts eyeliner on me, I fix my hair a bit, look in the mirror and go OMFG IT'S TONKS.

This is REALLY just a closet cosplay, but also? It WORKS for Tonks. I could have ripped up a pair of jeans and made a Weird Sisters shirt (hell, I'd have been more noticeable if I did) but I didn't want to. Tonks is really, REALLY a lot like me (actually, I love her and do to too much fanfiction writing now hear her voice in my head. Yes. I DO have problems.) and she seems like me in just throwing-on-whatever-she-has. I've currently made two 'variants' of her costume, one for Ani Magic and one for ALA. I might make another for Fanime, I'll bring along the wig at the very least. (I've also worn it to Anime Club parties.) I also keep swearing if I find a cute Remus (WHO'S A GUY) I'll break my whole... 3 year thing (don't ask) and make out with him for pics :).

Hasn't happened yet though, alas.... I think for Fanime I might grab a beach ball and do her pregnant. ... Yes, yes, yes I will.


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@Summoner Lenne
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Series Harry Potter Series
Character Nymphadora Tonks
Variant Order of the Phoenix (Since her in HP6 is all depressed and in HP7 she's all pre


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