Apollo Justice/Odoroki Housuke

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney



UPDATE 5/2012
Gave this costume a 3rd fix-up! I ended up re-making everything but the tie completely, re-styled the wig, and wore actual dress shoes.
My boyfriend decided he wanted to go as Phoenix Wright, so I wanted to do a cosplay with his, and Edgeworth was gonna be too hard to do in such little time. &gt;_< I already had the blouse and pants, so I decided to go as Apollo. Plus, he's just adorable. &gt;:3

The vest, pants, and tie are all made from linen. The wig is the Cher wig from Amphigory and styled by me.

This is probably my favourite costume of all time! I got so many hugs, and it was so fun interacting with other Ace Attorney cosplayers. And my wig was thought to be my real hair XD I got a kick out of that.

I hated the first pair of pants. SO much. they were a year old, and decided Friday morning of Otakon to rip right down the butt-seam. I've remade them since. I also need better shoes. All my dress shoes are girly. @[email protected] I dislike the fact that I wore Converses to Otakon, but my Rocketdogs worked out real nice for AZ.


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Series Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Character Apollo Justice/Odoroki Housuke


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