Sailor Venus

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



This costume was really fun, it's actually over 80% hand sewn. I built it onto a white tank-top with home-made patterns directly onto my dress form.

I made the costume for animemyu and my first priority was pretty, not accurate. That's why my hair is straight (the wig I used didn't hold it's style well enough after 2+ hours of curling) and my belts, bows, and shoes aren't entirely accurate. I really couldn't give a hoot, I'm recognizable and the things that ARE accurate are very much so.

Though next time I make a fuku I'm using a heavier material. Seriously, my skirt blew up in my face more times than I can count, including when I was on Channel 2 news AND singing for the kids (who weren't there... WTF??)


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Venus


Nexer wuooo a lot of sailor scouts xDD very good x3