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Wild Arms



The Wild Arms series is amazing. I don't know why I haven't done any costumes from it. It's about frickin time.

Because of the costume being surprisingly more complicated than I expected, and life getting in the way a whole lot, it took me about 2 years to actually finish this darn costume! CRAZY.

I finally finished it off and wore it to Otakon 2010. Unfortunately, the shoes were so ungodly uncomfortable, that I didn't wear it for very long. But beside that, I love how it turned out! And I love that I finally get to give the Wild Arms series some love via cosplay :)

All of the fabric except for the white ruffles is all microsuede. I was not aware microsuede was tricky to sew with until I started using it. And thus, this costume became much harder than I hoped for it to be.

The dress is fully lined, and the bodice has boning in it--I used a somewhat close pattern and modified the heck out of it. The sleeves were trial and error--the oversized cuffs were a pain to get right. I love the puffiness though--there's a bit of stuffing in them to give them extra puff :D

The bow on my head has wire in it. The bow on my stomach is held up with interfacing and snaps onto the dress. It...probably would have made sense to put wire in that bow too. I'm not sure why I didn't.

The circle designs on the sash under my bow are the VERY last things I finished. After trying so so so so so so so hard to do the applique via machine, I had to give up and do them by hand. That was a bummer for me because I love the way satin stitch looks.

The wig is a small beehive from Amphigory. In some images, Calamity Jane looks like she has a small beehive going on, and in others it doesn't. I decided to do the beehive--I think the bigness of the hair plus the bigness of the bow makes it really cute! The big curls were major trial and error. I eventually managed to make them using just a foam curler, hot water, and hairspray. Didn't even need clear thread! Yay!


I decided to revamp this costume with a new wig! I now use a Merry in Platnium Blonde from Arda wigs! I think it's a more accurate color, and a MUCH nicer wig than my old one.

I love cosplaying Jane so much, so I'm really happy that I am wearing her again!


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Hilz I had a dream that the shoes I got you didn't work out and all the sadness came crashing down ;-;

hyuugafied Happened to be trolling the internet for Wild ARMs pictures and totally stumbled upon finding you! I do believe I geeked out when I saw you at AnimeNEXT. Very nice job! =D

Terranell This is about the cutest Wild Arms cosplay ever. I LOVE your expression in the pictures!

TheBlueMuse This makes me so happy, you need a butler!

kalasnacks Wild Arms LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 The Wild Arms series is WIN! Love the outfit!