Shiba Kuukaku




I loved Kuukaku when I first saw her in the Bleach anime and I really liked her outfit so I've always had her on my cosplay list. The costume was a bit of a last minute add to my AX07 costume line up as I randomly had an urge to cosplay her after I found the proper colored fabric for her arm band in the sewing room.

I really dislike her fake/mechanical arm she has in the anime (kinda fugly tbh) so I try to just hide my arm for pictures.

The majority of the costume is made of stretch twill (which is awesome and one of my favorite fabrics to work with). It's fully lined and the wig is from ebay!


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Series Bleach
Character Shiba Kuukaku


KoKuTanLuFi Wow, you have a pretty face makes all of your cosplay look great.

Vader Awesome job on your costume and if I must say you look just like Kuukaku.

XxStryfexX A cosplay you dont see too often... good work

Markovich Hello, My name is Victor and I shot your photos at Anime Expo! I posted one in my profile! Thanks