So there's this series of Pokemon gijinka art going around that just about everyone has seen by now. This is based off of that Zubat. I did make some changes to that design though. I made tiny little ruffly sleeves instead of long ones since this is a fleece costume I've made to wear in the summer because I'm crazy but I don't want to totally melt. I also didn't make the wings quite as big since that's just easier to deal with. I put the tail bits on the dress instead of the wig. I added shoes to the design similar to the Golbat art. And I went with brighter more Pokemon accurate colors.


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Pokémon
Character Zubat
Variant gijinka


carcrsh Hello! I'm also doing a gijinka design, only I'm doing skitty. If you don't mind me asking how did you get your ears to stay up?

ShortStuff Aha, I love it. xD It's funny, I've pretty much done the exact same with my Zubat costume as you did (ruffle sleeves instead of long one because of summer-y weather) and made it out of fleece. Sorry, I just thought that was really entertaining since I hadn't seen this before. xDD Excellent job. C:

Emilysu love love love this

Psychic Oy, that's such a cute cosplay! It looks just great, and I love what you did with the wings and bottom half. Awesome job! ^.^ ~Psychic

DarkAntiCrista *also I can't sew, so I had to merge patterns.. and now I just look like Alice in wonderland with long sleeves :P

DarkAntiCrista LOVE your Zubat. This is the final product I would like to have done for Otakon, but those damn sleeves... I am not looking forward to Summer heat with long sleeves. I also like what you did with the tails.