The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

@Grey Finch


This was a really fun costume to do, since The Count of Monte Cristo is possibly my favorite book, and Gankutsuou is an excellent rendition of it. Because everything is made of royal velvet, it's really hot / heavy to wear. But worth it! For the lining of the cape, I found a base fabric, took a screen cap of the anime, drew out the pattern and printed it onto heat transfer paper. There were about fourty transfers total, so it took a long time to do!


@Grey Finch
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Created 12 years ago
Series Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Character The Count of Monte Cristo
Variant Original and Opera version


Angelica462 oh hells yes! >w< superb!! and kudos on capturing the count's epic goatee! X3

Argento I think I just pooped myself a little <3 Absolutely gorgeous.

cloudwarrior amazing Gankutsuou ^^!! all the little details are just on the money! its really remarkable ^^ great job ^^

SeductiveDeath Lovely. The detail is amazing and I just love the wig.

Fritz_von_Papen Amazing, simply amazing...

frail_winter wow... just... wow. i have no more words absolutely breathtaking costume

Bitenshi Your count is just plain AMAAZIIING. *A* Just plain gorgeous work, the best count I've ever seen!

Lushi I think you are my favorite Count EVER. Amazing job!

Pandamonium wow. this is just AMAZING *.*

Ansatsusama It´s true the best count ever WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW AWESOME COSTUME AWESOME.


Chinako I am utterly enamored by this cosplay. I don't know the series, nor the character, but the details are outstanding. Please continue the wonderful work!

viviX :O waaaaa you are the best count i ever seen!!! *¬* <3<3<3

AsakuraYoh awesome!!! i love it =333 perfect job \o/ Kissus

Kaibib Angel Awesome job on teh Count. I love iiittt.

Core Finally!! i find you!! i was looking for you, because i saw in internet (liveyournal maybe?) your cosplay of the count, i must say you: YOU ARE A GOD! jajajjaja, i love gankutsuou, it´s my favourite anime , and i think you do the best cosplay of the count i´ve never seen (excuse me if my english is so bad T_T) i love your pictures and your cosplay, good job! you must fell pride! :3 i dont have words to descrive it!

Sheik Chan Wow, what a lovely costume~!

Pippin Amazing Count! The make up looks so smooth and perfect.


wolf-child Good job with this one.