Miria Harvent




My now second favorite cosplay. As much as I love the costume though I wish that more people actually knew what Baccano! was. This is also the first cosplay that I've done with my amazing boyfriend so I am pleased.

After Kumoricon '09 I'm going to be sending this costume to my Mum and have her fix a couple things on it since I don't have the time to do it. I think my costume is pretty accurate except for the length of the dress and the sleeves. I'm going to have her take up the bottom ruffle and make the sleeves less lifeless and closer to what's going on in the anime. I'm also going to search for a pair of low heeled red shoes to match the dress.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Baccano!
Character Miria Harvent
Variant Train Dress


melvinopolis You guys are super cute and I love all the image titles! <3 I couldn't pick one to comment on, so I went with this instead. (By the way, this is melvin who is...still working on Firo.)

akaichan I love the dress design <3 I was wondering if you used a pattern? or did you make it yourself?

Soundninja12 Nikki, as always I love your Miria =3=

shadownet752 absolutely INCREDIBLE miria my dear XD it was really nice to see you @ aki as well!

Tenorikuma Ahh! Perfect Miria and Isaac I'm doing the outfit from the opening... I want to do them all though. Isn't she so fun?

Shananigans ...if only I had watched baccano! before Kumoricon 08.... OH THE JOY WE WOULD HAVE HAD! lol

Miyazawa_Lulu Amazing costumes! And you really look like Isaac and Miria *___* I love all your photos, they're so funny and the titles are very Baccano!-ish XD Many birthdays to come!