Princess Peach Toadstool

Mario Bros.



I made this costume because I (secretly) always wanted to do something so gaudy & I wanted to make a Princess Toadstool with a very full skirt and did everything I could to achieve that. There is a crinoline (hooped skirt) holding up the 6-yards of hot pink skirt, including a three-tiered tulle petticoat for extra fullness.

The pink dress/bodice is detached from the hot pink underskirt to help keep the dress from being too weighted by the yards of fabric. The hot pink "faux belt" is fully boned as well.

The wig is styled by me--took about 30 minutes actually--and the crown is made of wonderflex and aquarium gems for the jewels. The front jewel is wonderflex supported by styrofoam and velcos onto the bodice instead of being glued so I can wash the dress. The earrings are, of course, Christmas ornaments.

The one thing that was hard on this dress, as it really was very easy, was the stupid collar. I *hate* scalloped edges! &gt;.<


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Series Mario Bros.
Character Princess Peach Toadstool
Variant Classic


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