Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Her soft voice, innocent personality, clothes and her traumatic death made me be obsessed of cosplay her too besides Tifa.

Costume: I'll order the costume from ebay and the wig soon after I cosplay Tifa.

Shoes and Accessories: I currently have the boots and the string choker. I'll either try to find the silver bangles or make them. When I'm almost finished completing the costume, I'll go to Michael's Arts and Crafts store and find the basket and flowers.

Update 2/12/09: The costume was mailed to me since last year. I bought the flowers and basket from a dollar store. The basket doesn't have a handle and I'm trying to figure out on how to make one and attach it. I bought the wig from Ricky's when I was in NYC and styled it as best as I could. I also found the hairbow in my closet.

Update 3/11/09: I got a new basket with a handle from Michael's Arts and Crafts store. It's much better than the other one without the handle ^^. I'm thinking of getting another wig from eBay this time cuz I like wearing custom styled wigs. Besides, the wig isn't long enough and the braid doesn't come out perfect &gt;<.

Update 12/1/10: Two months ago, I got a new pre-styled Aerith wig from ebay while I was getting ready for NYAF. I like it a lot, even though I had to pin the wig to my head to prevent it from falling off. Also, I had to get my dress and jacket fixed. It was a little too big for me since I wore it a long time ago. Working together with the help from my friend, I reseamed the costume and it looks better than before.
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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Aerith Gainsborough

Haven I didn't remember your Aerith cosplay! So cute! If you don't mind, do you remember where you got your wig on ebay? I love the color of it!