ChaosKnight127 as Cless Alvein

Cless Alvein

Tales of Phantasia

Cosplayer: ChaosKnight127
Tales of Phantasia is a severly underplayed game. Paul, my bro, always wanted to go as Dhaos so I made this costume to go along with him. Although it looks pretty good in pictures, the armor came out pretty crappy because of the fiberglass.And almost no sanding since we kinda ran out of time.

The pants were made by Paul.
The leather is actually pleather, and it came out looking great.
The armor is cardboard with a layer of fiberglass over the top.

Due to having no time for fitting, this was the most uncomfortable costume I've worn. The shoes pinched like crazy because of the armor, and the pauldrons dug into my body. Not a fun time.