Skywise is my absolute favorite comic character of all time. He and I go all the way back to grade school when my former brother in law gave me a box of his old comics which included several issues of the Marvel reprints of Elfquest. It was "recognition" at first sight. :P The pants and sleeves are made out of a grey microfiber suede material, perfect for simulating leather. The vest part is also made out of microfiber suede and I added the trim by hand, cutting it kind of ragged to simulate Moonshade's hand done look. The wig I got from Cosworx and my sister cut it for me. The ears I got from another website, but when I got them I realized they weren't pointed so although they had the right lobe size and shape they needed work so I added the tips using paperclay and then painted them. The headpiece and armbands are made out of wonderflex, since I had some left over from a previous project.


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Series ElfQuest
Character Skywise
Variant Palace pilot outfit


MaddyKins Look forward to seeing you again this year :). AWOOO ;)