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Oh the honorary First Cosplay! It's so bad.

I was waaaay in over my head with this as my first cosplay, its pretty horrible in my opinion but I still love it. I had about 0 skill in anything at the time I made this, so I had a lot of help from my mom with cutting some of the pieces and using the sewing machine.

The belts died in an escalator and I ended up having to walk around without them. They've been sitting rumpled in a bag since.

I wish I had the funds and patience to remake this and do it justice, but I dont. haha;; ......OTL

The bodice was made from black and white cotton with twill tape and boning. The rest of the dress was made from grey upholstery pleather. i actually really like the look of the texture still. I used bridal lace from a thrift shop wedding gown and hand-stitched every single piece down. The belts were glued and stapled together and mounded to a line of snaps on each side so that they could be removable from the skirt for washing. The fur stole was pinned separate from everything.


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