Psycho7772 as 2D



Phase One

Cosplayer: Psycho7772
Wanted to do this forever. Finally got the money for the contacts. Love it!

It was important to me to try and stay as true to what the character looks like as possible because Gorillaz is one of my long-term very favorite forever fandoms that I've followed since the beginning and 2D...well,

just <3 <3 <3

That said...

The wig, contacts and makeup are the whole foundation of this costume. I like that very much about it because the clothes themselves are not terribly difficult to make. Once you have the wig and the contacts, it's pretty quick to put together many of his outfits, which I intend to do.

The wig started out relatively long and was cut by my wonderfully talented hair-dressing friend, Laura (Murdoc in our photos, suger_baby_love on here)

It always made me sad that the purpley colored hair that 2D has during the Phase One artwork usually isn't represented in I wanted to. I plan to get a bluer one as well for costumes based on Phase Two artwork. <3

If I could just file my nose down to nothing, I'd feel perfect. ;)

I'm gonna lump everything Phase One together here so I don't have 15 2D costumes by the end of this. XD

Phase One Outfits:

Clint Eastwood


I plan to do as many as possible...because they're easy and fun to make and ....well, I'd honestly just like to have some of his t-shirts to wear around. XD