Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit



So for all it's worth... I really love(d) this dress. The effect that I was going for was a very real-looking Jessica, much like the "untooning" that happens every so often. Granted, I'm no Angelina Jolie, but I really like how everything came out. What this meant for me was a natural-looking hair color, a natural-looking waistline, and just a push-up bra at most.

This dress is a modified Simplicity 5561. The sweetheart neckline was freehanded and played with. My big happy moment for this dress is how it fits. Yes, I'm corseting underneath, but it looks so relatively natural that I'm hoping you can barely tell xD; As for fabrics, I used an awesome costume satin for the red (there are little sparkles in the fabric, which is what I wanted -- not too much glitz) and just a basic purple lining for the lining. Before you ask, yes, it -is- accurate. Go watch the movie, I promise you'll enjoy it <3

Ah, the crazy task of getting into this dress... I bought a crazy awesome red strapless bra at Victoria's Secret (first and only one ever, I think, but totally worth it... for a full D/DD it's a godsend). I also have the corset (an underbust, btw, which I did -NOT- make) and wear a pair of nude-colored spanks over my stockings as a tribute to the infamous panty-less Jessica clip in the movie. It's the silly little things, right? :D

The gloves were bought off of ebay. I may end up making my own pair in the future so they fit better and stay up, but that will most likely come with the dress re-make.

My beautiful gorgeous lovely wig is an Ashley 850 in Fire Red, just with the part modified. I really love the feel and look, and the color is spot-on for my interpretation.

Let me know if you have any questions or anything about the dress! I'd definitely like to re-make it in the future...


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Series Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Character Jessica Rabbit
Variant non-performance dress


Sutie You did a very nice job! I like the hair color you chose and the shape of the dress is awesome!

Kiichigo I would make a heart-smiley to express my simple and unrestrained love for this, but instead I will just have to say that you did a fabulous job, and make a gorgeus Jessica.

Hakubi Michi best Jessica everz! =3

Angeal very nice cosplay the costume looks great