Formal Asteroth

Angel Sanctuary



Since I'm quite fond of the Asteroth character from Angel Sanctuary, I created a second outfit for him.

Halfway through Volume 10, there is a well known cover image of him wearing a black outfit that ties down the front. With my love of detail, having him be so plain would never do! Thus, I incorporated my own detailing into her original sketch to create something more formal and suiting of his character.

Costume Fabric: Purchased at MOOD in NYC, I highly recommend the place for cosplayers!

Trims (ribbons, yarn, leather, ect...): Purchased at MOOD in NYC, Michaels, and A.C. Moore.

Wig: Purchased at COsworx, cut and styled by me.

Hairpeice: Materials purchased at Michaels, arranged and made by me.

Makeup: Coverup, tattoo pens, and colored contacts. Binding tape included (sports tape, NOT duct tape!)

Whips: Purchased from a variety of places, yes I can crack them and yes, they are real leather! They're my babies, not some cheap prop purchased from a sex store!

Shoes: Purchased, modified by me with buckles and leather strips.

Gloves: Purchased at Hot Topic, modified by me.

Weapons Belt: Purchased at a Wicked Faire nearly 3 years ago! BEST this I ever bought!

Cuffs: Purchased, modified by me to mimic the exact ones from the Angel Sanctuary series.

Keys: Made by me on a forge! Bronze-work with steel alloy and stencil pressing.

A quick note: Like the hairpiece? Want one? I DO do commissions on them! Send me a note!



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Series Angel Sanctuary
Character Formal Asteroth
Variant Volume 10 Cover Image (with my designs incorporated)


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