Sakura Avalon

Cardcaptor Sakura



Although I love the dress, I have to say that everytime I had to put this on... I immediately wanted to take it off. This costume gave me so much grief! Couldn't find a proper wig, couldn't style the wig well enough to make it look like Sakura's, and the hat didn't even COME as a hat--in fact, it looked more like a large garter belt. Due to the lack of time and finding the perfect fabric to match the shade, I was stuck finding a close shade of magenta and pinning it to the back of the "garter belt" to make the hat.

Then... I lost the wig I bought. Ugh. Haha. I am so done with this. In fact, after this costume, I realized that I couldn't pull off cosplaying a little kid like I thought I would. Oh well!

This costume was a commissioned piece.


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Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Character Sakura Avalon


JiseiHakushaku You look so cute! You pull off Sakura nicely, in my opinion.

酱酱or Yann very beautiful and cute

Hateshinai VERY cute sakura-chan! ^^

SAN_CHAN aww nice cosplay

Melonmeep Sorry about all the greif it caused you, but you look super cute. Like really, it's glamorous.