Hoshigaki Kisame




At Ikasucon 2007, I debuted Kisame, as my first ever cosplay! On Friday of the con, my sword broke, and I was devastated... 0.o

I decided, on this year, 2009, at Ohayocon, to remake Kisame! I made quite a few changes to the costume, and most noticeably is my Samehada.

Changes: I made the proper full coverage Kisame headband. I remade Samehada using more stable techniques, and more accurate to the show. I spent a lot more time on makeup! I also used Fixodent to attach some sharp Kisame-comparable teeth to my own. I was very happy with the turnout.


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Series Naruto
Character Hoshigaki Kisame


LaraVine great job. the makeup & samehada look awsome

rachyoe Woo! I saw you at Ohayocon XD The samehada is awesome! >W<